funloving dad of 3. love beers of the world and great music, but most of all, I live to mountain bike!

10th September 2014


Notes from the trail: todays trail silently screams, shattering the silence, as I trek over her broken, reddened spine… hauntingly moaning, I hear her, for she is broken, she is begging for respite, begging for for the fire to cool, to ease her flesh, but there will be no break today…for the air is thick and the wind brings with it a flame. Whipping around each branch as if they were young boys, naughty, who had chosen their own punishment…oh trail! I too feel this heat! Soon though, soon…this will all be over…soon…

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5th August 2014


Notes from the trail: today finds me in the clouds, cool breeze on my face, clouds watching over me, safe…I cant decide whether she worships at my feet or I at hers, but today, she envelopes me in her fingers of sage, as tall as any man, pulls me to her bosom, tight, like that of a new mother…I can hear her heart beat, I can feel it in my bones…it is welcoming, it is warm and cool at the same time, it is every color of my rainbow, her pallet smooth…the taste of pure fresh honey, she is beautiful, she is quiet, yet somehow screams at me, telling me to stay…a feeder you might say, like gramma on a hot summer day…she somehow loves me I think, this trail…

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28th July 2014


Killer ride! Hot, but still perfect! Also, had to retire the Land Rover:( on to the new!

21st July 2014

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The story goes: guy orders Ti MTB frame from Firefly, then has his kids Linus and Kayla design the paint for it. Circle A then finishes it off. Pretty rad huh?” -The Radavist

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20th July 2014


Sick trails at Lake Pueblos Colorado! !!!

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20th July 2014


Took the day off to explore, found lots of creepy!

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14th July 2014


Colorado riding day 2, sick ass trails!!! I fear my expert level is all a lie! Haha!

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2nd July 2014


The Beast! All clean and ready to go!

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1st July 2014

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Love it!

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30th June 2014

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My daughters first ride on the trails! Im so proud!!!

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